Most ESNS activities and services provided would simply not be possible without the continuous commitment of its partners.
For 2021 ESNS would like to thank the following partners for their support.


A.V.D. Reform was founded about 30 years ago by President Olivio Ravasini with the idea of ​​developing natural products able to help preserve the psychophysical well-being of the individual, in its most complete meaning that goes beyond the absence of pathology.

The individual, his level of overall wellbeing and quality of life are therefore at the center of the company mission, whose founding components are: research and selection of raw materials, even new ones, increasingly effective, innovation and advanced formulation of the components, exclusive production processes such as the energization of water and quality consistency over time.

The company’s goal  is to consolidate its position as a reference producer of herbal food supplements with profiles strongly characterized on specific pathologies and to obtain leadership as a specialist in the field of mycotherapy.

AVD commits itself every day to produce raw materials without pollutants, standardized and of high quality. Essential and central to all AVD processes of conception, development and production are the phytochemical knowledge of plants, their active principles, the verification of information coming from traditional use and the obtainment of concentrated derivatives to realize modern forms of intake such as drops , capsules and macerated. For years AVD is  been committed to increasing the concentration of the plant complex by investing in new knowledge and technology, believing, since the very beginning, in the development and dissemination of a scientific culture of medicinal plants by organizing courses and seminars for doctors, pharmacists and herbalists. The pivotal value is respect:for the health of the consumer, for the nature and for the people who collaborate with us.

AVD is supporting member of ESNS since 2017


Akern, for 40 years the benchmark for body composition science
AKERN is an Italian company founded in 1980 with the aim of research, development and production of medical instruments and software for monitoring body composition with bioimpedance techniques.
Synonymous with quality and reliability, AKERN technology has always supported doctors and researchers in the challenge against chronic degenerative diseases, guaranteeing clinically relevant results, capable of supporting diagnosis and therapeutic choice.
A consolidated partner also of nutrition and sports professionals, AKERN provides technology and know-how to achieve and maintain the health and well-being of the subject at any stage of life.
For 40 years, AKERN has been the reference for bioimpedance analysis.


We refine knowledge to create solutions that impact health.
In AKERN, knowledge represents the real engine for innovation and allows us to offer solutions that can play a fundamental role in the evolution of diagnostic systems based on bioimpedance techniques. Confronting an increasingly transversal scientific reality, AKERN deeply believes in the contamination and consolidation of skills.

We guide the professional by anticipating the needs of the future

AKERN’s mission is to open new scientific and technological frontiers for the study of body composition, with the aim of accompanying professionals towards innovative approaches and new applications of bio-impedancemetry capable of responding to today’s needs and anticipating those of tomorrow.


MOLDES is a reality that for over 30 years has been present on the market for the production of foods with nutritional value, natural preparations, foods for special medical purposes and dietary supplements for sports both in liquid and solid form.
Moldes’s core values are is:

    Needs analysis in sports activities, internal chain production, selection of raw materials of the highest purity, use of patented molecules and sample testing by university laboratories
    Nutrition biologists, food technologists, scientific consultants, and athletic trainers
    Design, experiment and validate new techniques to produce natural supplements

Founded in 1984 by Felice Molinari whose pharmaceutical training, combined with the systematic study of raw materials of vegetable origin, allows him to study a subject as ancient as it is current: phytotherapy.
The development of the technical and scientific skills for the various preparations and for their correct use in the industrialization phase, was essential to build an excellent professional team able to refine the quality of the products made but also to design, experiment and validate new production techniques.
The research work was then extended to the nutritional aspects of the elements which, used in strictly nutraceutical formulations or even combined with plant substances titled in the active principle, constitute a truly avant-garde and effective product.
Moldes has important certifications and extensive production authorizations which, combined with the rigorous controls applied throughout all the working phases, help to ensure very high quality standard.

MOLDES is a dynamic reality constantly evolving
The careful observation of what is offered on the market, the selective research of materials and raw materials, the subsequent and accurate experimentation, the critical evaluation of the results, the constant comparison with bibliography and research studies, are a fundamental part of the activity of the Company.
All this translates into the creation of products of excellence and recognized quality.

Our Mission
We are an Italian based company that independently researches, develops and produces natural supplements designed for athletes but sustainable and suitable for everyone.
This has always been our value proposition which is based on four strengths that are essential for us and which represent our mission:

  • Product innovation
  • Do not follow trends, but our Research and Development ethical principles
  • Certification of products and production methods
  • Use of patented and certified raw materials

“Only a cohesive and close-knit team can aim at ambitious goals and therefore achieve them with serene simplicity”.


Solgar was founded in New York in 1947 and since then has been dedicated to research and production of nutritional supplements, nutraceuticals, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbal extracts of the highest quality. Solgar is an international brand and offers to its consumers a range of over 450 references through a network of 50 subsidiaries worldwide. In Italy it has operated through Solgar Italia Multinutrient S.p.A. for the past 25 years.
Since 1947, Solgar has adopted the golden label as an emblem of seriousness, strictness, guarantee of integrity and quality of each ingredient produced. Solgar products are also carrying Kosher and Halal certifications: beyond the respects of Jewish and Muslim populations, it underpins the quality message that always characterizes the Solgar brand.

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