Performance for athletes: getting the edge

Tuesday June 15th – from 18.00 CEST

ESNS – European Sport Nutrition Society is promoting this free webinar designed specifically with our members in mind. Featuring expert speakers from all around the ESNS world, it will bring latest trends in sport nutrition to you in a convenient online format.
This free webinar it will also be a small introduction of what the ESNS 4th Annual Conference OSLO 2021 will bring allowing you to keep update and implement your network of experience.
The webinar is free and attending you will be granted a discount code to register to the ESNS 4th Annual Conference.


Chaired by: Professor Antonio Paoli

  • Caffeine and performance: how much and when?
    Prof. Truls Raastad
  • Protein and/or carbohydrate prior to endurance exercise
    Prof. Mette Hansen
  • Alkaline water and anaerobic performance
    Prof. Adam Zajac
  • Probiotics and performance
    Prof. Pete Pompei
  • Inflammation and supercompensation: Nutrition might play a role?
    Prof. Menotti Calvani
  • Is fasting good for athletes?
    Prof. Antonio Paoli
  • Immune system, exercise and nutraceutical
    Dott. Nicola Sponsiello

Prof. Menotti Calvani

  • MD Neurologist
  • Pharmacologist Professor of Human nutrition at Tor Vergata University (Italy)

Prof. Mette Hansen

  • Professor Section for Sport Science
  • Department of Public Heath, Aarhus University (Denmark)
antonio paoli president

Prof. Antonio Paoli

  • Full Professor of Exercise and Sport Sciences
  • Head for Nutrition and Exercise Physiology Laboratory at Padova University (Italy)
sport nutrition scientific society pete

Prof. Pete Pompei

  • Professor at Unit of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy University of Camerino (Italy)
sport nutrition scientific society

Prof. Truls Raastad

  • Professor Department of Physical Performance
  • Norwegian School of Sport Sciences – Oslo (Norway)
sport nutrition scientific society nicola

Dr. Nicola Sponsiello, MD

  • Sport Dietitian
  • Director of Apnoea Academy Research
  • ESNS General Secretary

Prof. Adam Zajac

  • Dean of the Academia of Physical Education AWF Katowice
  • Professor of Sport and Physical Education, Katowice (Poland)

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